ISRID is a boutique, owner-run agency, based in Amsterdam. I work as a recruiter, matcher and head-hunter serving a large, high-quality and fast growing network of the most talented professionals and companies in the fashion and luxury retail industry. Having worked for over 25 years in fashion and retail, ISRID brings a broad, solid base and perspective on the industry. Through my own experience, network, projects and connections, I scout and share inspiration, know-how and ideas to help professionals to build and tell their unique (career) story.

Selecting with great care to me means that I have developed a sixth sense in matchmaking. I will read between the lines to access your intrinsic drivers, personal chemistry and other characteristics that aren’t necessarily part of the CV, but crucial for the right fit. I personally meet and discretely evaluate my contacts and candidates to clarify their profile, ambition and motivation. I strive to represent and guide each candidate fairly and to the best of my abilities in their future career and profession. Throughout the entire recruitment process, my roll is that of advisor, mediator and counselor. I try to build long-term relationships. Staying in touch with you, and with clients, means better and more lasting fits. Without reservations ISRID is fully aligned with the success of all parties involved.

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