ISRID is a boutique, owner-run agency, based in Amsterdam. ISRID serves and influences a large, high-quality and fast growing network in the fashion and luxury retail industry. ISRID has built an ecosystem for the most talented and innovative professionals and businesses to connect through my invitations and a sixth sense in matchmaking.

From a broad, solid base and perspective on the fashion industry, ISRID is a navigator for hand-picked, pro-active recruitment of the best qualified talent and growing relevant perspectives on an inclusive, creative company culture. By always being out there and a curiosity for other industries and business models ISRID has access to the latest developments and opportunities in the industry. As a connection engineer, ISRID is dedicated to organize inspirational sessions and conversations and creating platforms to share thoughts and insights. 

ISRID serves her clients by designing tailor made recruitment and connecting them with the most relevant, dynamic individuals and directions to fit their brand and specific needs.

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